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The Foundation Of The Parent-Child Relationship
copyrighted 1998 John Trentalange, MA

An Excellent Resource for Parents and Professionals
who want a deeper explanation of Attachment
and the methods of healing.

Attachment Handbook: $15 plus $5 S&H
The Family Attachment Center Store

Educational Materials for Parents and Professionals

An Excellent Training Manual designed specifically
for Child Care Directors to use to develop their staff.  
The Manual is designed to coincide training by
The Family  Attachment Center.  

Parents may also benefit by understanding
quality child care.

Child Care Handbook : $30 plus $7 S&H     
        Building Healthy Families
A ten-week parenting course on 8 CD's + 2 DVD's

             Syllabus Includes:

1. Identity Is Not Behavior
2. Understanding Attachment
3. Understanding Attachment
4. Power Struggles
5. Conflict Resolution
6. Teaching Your Children Conflict Resolution Skills
7. Understanding Behavior As Communication
8. Love Languages
9. Recognizing & Understanding Abuse
10. Integration Of The Parent-Child Relationship

A $250 Value for $40 plus $10 S&H

For further details about Educational Materials for Parents & Professionals

Please contact The Family Attachment Center

(719) 632-3204

Child Care Leadership
A 30 Hour DVD Training

Becoming a child friendly, anxiety free,
quality child care center.

Learn to become
The Ultimate in Child Care.

Child Care Leadership : $250 Plus S&H
(Certificates Included)

            Becoming The Ultimate Parent

  A 5-Week Parent Education Course On DVD!!!
 This training provides valuable information and    
 consists of the five fundamental principles that  
 form a positive parent-child relationship as well as  
creates the foundation for successful children to  
become successful adults

Syllabus Includes:

1. Meeting The Needs Of Your Child
2. Enhancing The Parent-Child Connection
3. Understanding & Building Attachment
4. Disciplining Without Emotion
 (It's Not About Me!!!)
5. Disengaging From Power Struggles

A $100 Value for $70 Plus $10 S & H