The Individualized Parenting Course is designed to meet the specific needs of your family.  This
course meets the needs of most court-ordered mandates.  This course includes specific classes
on Enhancing The Parent-Child Connection, Disengaging From Power Struggles,
Disciplining Without Emotion, and Creating An Anxiety Free Home.

Adoptive Parents

This course is designed for the adoptive parent.  The subject material includes:
Understanding The Brain And Mindset Of The Traumatized Child,
Understanding Loss & Grief Issues For The Adoptive Child,
Acquiring Positive Attachment For The Child, Disengaging From Power Struggles,
Teaching Positive Connection, and Not Personalizing The Actions Of The Child.

Foster Parents

This course is designed for the foster parent to understand on an emotional level
the role of foster care.  This includes: Understanding The Complexity Of The Foster Family,
Understanding Connection And Separation For The Foster Parent,
Understanding The Complexity Of Loyalty Issues For The Foster Child,
Separating Identity From Behavior, and Disengaging From Power Struggles.

Becoming The Ultimate Parent

Becoming the Ultimate Parent can consist of one of the following syllabi or a modified version
to fit your parenting needs. Parenting courses are available to parents on a sliding scale.

Attachment Training Workshop

I) Understanding Essence

II) The Basics of Attachment
III) Power  Struggles
IV) Living in the World of a Traumatized Child

V)  Application Begins with the Adult

Connecting With Your Children

I) Understanding Connection

II) Understanding The Attachment Process

III) Enhancing The Parent-Child Attachment

IV) Disengaging From Power Struggles

V) The Steps For Conflict Resolution

VI) Teaching Conflict Resolution To Children

VII) Teaching Limits & Boundaries

VIII) The Best Gift For Your Child

Building Healthy Families

I) Identity Is Not Behavior

II) Understanding Attachment

III) Understanding Attachment

IV) Power Struggles

V) Conflict Resolution

VI) Teaching Your Children Conflict Resolution Skills

VII) Understand Behavior As Children's Communication

VIII) Love Languages

IX) Recognizing And Understanding Abuse

X) Integration Of The Parent-Child Relationship

The Essentials Of Parenting

I) Teaching Positive Connection To Your Children

II) Understanding The Effects Of Time In & Time Out

III) Disciplining Without Emotion

IV) Disengaging From Power Struggles

V) Understanding Natural & Logical Consequences

VI) Setting Limits & Boundaries With Consistency

VII) Calming The Home Environment

VIII) Separating Identity From Behavior

IX) Not Personalizing My Child's Behavior

X) Creating Fun & Respect Within The Home
Services Offered

Family Therapy

Fees Assessed


Sliding Scale
Weekly Therapy Model

Children 0-17 years and their parents can receive weekly therapy. Family therapy is
confidential, non-judgmental, individualized to the family's needs, and can involve
parent-teacher consultation.  Family therapy always involves parent education. (Parent's
approval is necessary for parent-teacher consultation as a client of FACe.)

Intensive Therapeutic Model

The Intensive Model consists of (5) 2-hour sessions held within a one-week period. These
sessions are held at the client's home. Clients are responsible for taking extensive notes at each
session and trained/equipped with all the skills needed to be very successful parents creating
healthy attachments with their children. Parents must be interviewed and qualify for this
program.  FACe is willing to travel to your home. Please call for details.

In Home Therapy

In Home Therapy is designed for that individual who has transportation difficulty.  These
sessions are held at the client's home.  The focus of these sessions include a personal home IQ
designed to meet the needs of the child with significant emotional and behavioral handicaps,  
the ability to assess the parent-child relationship in a more natural environment, and an
opportunity to partner with the parent in strategic parenting according to the
child's environment.

Military families who have a parent deployed, or is getting ready for deployment, or needs
help with the reunification process can qualify for this program.

Parents who are concerned with relocation issues can qualify for our in-home therapy modality.

Please contact us for more details on which program is best suited for your family.
FACe always offers a FREE initial consultation.

Child Care Programs For Children

Help Not Hurt

"Help Not Hurt" is a program designed for preschool and kindergarten programs.
"Help Not Hurt" is a five week program, which teaches boundaries, personal space, and
healthy ways to deal with sharing, play, and conflict.
The program costs of $750 includes training and assessments.

Identity & Boundaries

Identity & Boundaries is a program designed for the child ages 9-11.  
This is a 10-week course which teaches Identity, Behavior, and Boundaries.
The focus is for children to learn conflict resolution skills that are non-violent.
Please contact us to determine cost and needs for your center.

Child Care Programs For The Teacher

FACe offers a 5-week and a 10-week training program to meet the needs of your staff
and your particular center.  Training includes the topics: Team Building,
Building Rapport With Parents, and Effective Methods Of Dealing With Challenging Children.
FACe also offers consultation for Directors.

Speaking and
Training Seminars
and Conferences
We are available for speaking engagements, training seminars and parent education
conferences. We have expertise in a wide variety of topics.
FACe is available to meet at your location. Please contact us for further details.

FACe Preschool

(Coming Soon)
The Family Attachment Center Preschool is designed for the emotionally disturbed child.
Children learn academics along with interpersonal skills.

Parent Education


Adoptive Parents

Foster Parents

Becoming The
Ultimate Parent

Child Care Center

For The Children

For The Teacher


FACe's programs for teachers focuses on Classroom Management,
Building Healthy Rapport with the Difficult-Challenging Student,
Building Rapport with Parents, and Avoiding Burn-Out.