The Family Attachment Center

If we don't learn from our history...we are doomed to repeat it
              History of the Family Attachment Center

April 20, 1999 is a date that I will remember for a very long time. It was my 40th
birthday and the day fifteen people died meaninglessly. Columbine could have been
prevented! We often say that situations could be prevented after the incident and
then we never seem to do anything about it. Columbine had an impact on me that
brought different parts of my past together. One past reflection was a vision, which
God had given me, after a girlfriend whom I wanted to marry had broken up with me.
She was having difficulty recovering from a violent rape she had endured previous to
our relationship. The vision was where I had opened a school and home for abused
children. It was a very large white house and children who were struggling
emotionally had come to live until they were able to function in the mainstream. At
other parts of my life, I had heard a common theme. God would tell me in his still,
soft voice that there was something very important for me to do. God had turned my
difficult childhood and all the therapy healing I had endured into a gift for others. It
was time to integrate all the education, training, therapy, healing, life's lessons and
culminate these experiences into the vision God had given me back in 1986.
Columbine inspired me to do something very positive in reaction to an absolute
tragedy. I needed to put into place what I was born to do.

Columbine happened because two individuals without a conscience decided to take
action against their pain of rejection. What would happen if these individuals handled
their pain in a positive manner? What could we do as a society to prevent similar

It became important to investigate the causes beneath violence. I always knew that
everyone gets angry and some people even threaten to kill another person; but
where is the line in the sand? Attachment or the lack of attachment is the foundation
of an individual's life. The primary relationship where attachment is created sets the
stage for an individual's life. Attachment is how the conscience is formed, where trust
ad security is created, and empathy for another human being is embraced. When
attachment goes awry, the ability to self-modulate becomes difficult, and if there is an
environment of rejection, fear, and anger; it isn't much of a stretch to commit violent
acts. So, if we address issues of attachment at an age where it is much easier to
change the individual's internal blueprint, we can change the outcome not only for
that individual, but for all the people who will interact with that individual as well.

The foundation of The Family Attachment Center is that violence can be prevented
through strong, emotionally connected families. Strong attachment within individuals
is the foundation of an emotionally healthy society where safety is the norm and not a
goal, and where people truly care about one another.

The Family Attachment Center needs to be a leader in creating a society where
people do empathize with others, feel connected as a caring society and every
individual feels safe to express his or her individualism and still contribute to the
community in a positive manner.