The Family Attachment Center

John Trentalange, MA, LPC, BCETS

John Trentalange, the founder and Executive Director of FACe, is a
Licensed Professional Counselor, who specializes in attachment issues.
John has worked with a diverse population of children, families, and
individuals over a span of a couple decades. His career ranges in
working as the only male in East Los Angeles at a shelter for abused
women and children, working with the homeless population in Los
Angeles and Seattle, teaching preschool and toddler programs at the
University of Oregon, working as a research associate at Oregon
Research Institute, working in therapeutic preschools for abused
children, children of homeless parents, and a program for young
children with special needs in the states of Oregon and Washington,
working for Children Protective Services in Belleview, Washington,
creating life-books for foster-adopt children, working as a child
advocate as well as an advocate for families. John participated on
Washington's Board with the state's experts for special cases while
working at Children Protective Services. John also has experience with
the courts conducting parent assessments, conducting therapeutic
supervised visitation, working as a parent coordinator, writing
evaluations for individuals who have had charges against them, as well
as volunteering his time facilitating parenting through divorce
workshops at the El Paso County Courthouse. John has worked in the
foster care world providing therapy to foster children and foster-adopt
families, conducting foster parent training, and working as a volunteer
for Treehouse, a non-profit agency that raises funds for foster families.
John has created an anti-bully program where all the children who were
once acting aggressive are working out conflict peacefully as well as
raising their academic grades. John has created Help Not Hurt
programs where preschool children learn boundaries and how to get
along with peers who exhibit negative behavior.

John Trentalange's philosophy is that most psychological issues
including marital strife stem from unresolved childhood issues.
Another philosophy of his is beneath your deepest darkest pain lies
your essence, the person God created you to be, and your true purpose
in life. He is known for demonstrating to parents that "Children will
not always remember everything, but they will always remember how
important they were to the people who are most important to them."

John considers himself a student of life and so he enjoys going to
counseling for his own personal growth, reading, studying, and writing
when he finds an opportunity to do so. He is a Christian who has a
close relationship with God. He has explored other religions and forms
of spirituality and so he feels connected to individuals regardless of
their religious or educational background.

John has learned through studying human behavior, working on
himself, counseling families, and lots of training, the connection
between true success in an individual's life and that individual's
internal infrastructure. John is passionate about partnering with
parents in helping to build a strong infrastructure within every child.